$25 for 30-minutes

$45 for 60-minutes



$18 for 30-minutes, per student

$33 for 60-minutes, per student

One free 30-minute trial lesson per student/group.

It is the student's responsibility to organise the minimum number of participants (2-6 people) for a group lesson.

Prepay private lessons for the school term to receive a 5% discount.

The $45 hour lesson applies to one student. If you have two children with consecutive lesson times, it is $25 per half hour.


Book online and pay using Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal.

You will receive a receipt of payment and lesson time reminders.



  1. Refunds are not issued. If a student wishes to discontinue lessons, the student must either attend the remaining lessons or forfeit their payment. At least 2 weeks notice should be given if a student wishes to end their enrollment.
  2. We have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Lessons cannot be rescheduled within 24 hours of the lesson. The lesson payment will be forfeited if canceled within 24 hours with the exception of some extenuating circumstances.
  3. Lessons must be done on a weekly basis. Lessons should be paid for and undertaken each week, therefore, rescheduled lessons must be at an alternative time to the usual lesson and not scheduled as a usual lesson the following week.
  4. If a student is unwell, please contact Tempo Tutoring to reschedule the lesson. If a student arrives unwell, they may be turned away and payment forfeited. This is to ensure the health of our tutors and all students.
  5. Lessons are paid in groups of four (4) or ten (10).
  6. If term payments are late, discounts will not be applied and preferred lesson time will not be secured until payment is cleared. Term payments should not be late in order to ensure the 10 lessons are completed before the end of the term.
  7. Lesson packages (4 or 10) are per student. These cannot be divided between multiple students/children.
  8. The $45-hour lesson applies to one student. If you have two children with consecutive lesson times, it is $25 per half hour.
  9. A $15.00 voucher will be given when a referral enrolls for paid lessons.
  10. Each new student is entitled to one, no obligation, completely free 30-minute trial lesson



Failure to uphold these expectations on multiple occasions or for extended periods of time may result in termination of enrolment.

  1. Arrive on time for their lesson
    If a student is late, the lesson will be shorter than the scheduled amount of time. 
  2. Practice at home and complete homework.
    It is the student's and parent's responsibility to ensure practice is completed at home for a sufficient amount of time. If homework is not completed or not at an acceptable standard, it will be completed during the lesson, which can lead to repetitive lessons and slow progress. 
  3. Have an instrument at home to practice on.
  4. Act and conduct themselves appropriately during lessons.
    Behaviour that is deemed inappropriate, rude or uncooperative may cause early termination of the lesson. If bad behaviour continues, the student will be unenrolled. 
  5. Underage students should have parental supervision at all times.
    Your children should be supervised by an adult at all times. With back to back lessons, tutors cannot supervise your children outside of their lesson time. If you leave the premises during the lesson, please return early to pick up your children. 
  6. Please be mindful that you will be entering someone else's property.
    Do not let your children venture around the house, upstairs or into the backyard.
    Please alert a tutor to any damage to property.
    Food should not be brought into the waiting area or music room and do not leave rubbish behind.
    The front door must remain closed as pets live on the property.
    The front yard should not be treated as a play area; there is no front gate and the property is located on 
    a main road.